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Managed IT Services


No one cares more about your data than ECLINSO. Our data centers have all the resources, latest technology and direct network access. To ensure a high degree of availability and fault tolerance our twin data centers are fully powered, secure, resilient and newly equipped to handle the demands of future computing trends such as high density computing, virtualization, energy conservation, distributed storage and multi-site disaster recovery.

Key advantages include:

  • Deploying the highest level of security to protect your clinical data
  • Scalability – our services are “elastic”; growing or shrinking to meet your needs
  • All servers within the Data Centers are protected behind enterprise-class firewalls.
  • Data transmitted between our Data Centers and customer computers is encrypted using a 2048-bit encryption key
  • All servers are configured to meet strict “system lock-down” security requirements and are protected behind enterprise-class firewalls
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