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CDISC XML-based Data Tabulation

The TABULATOR is an ETL solution (Extraction-Transformation-Loading), which works independently of databases because it is built on the CDISC define.xml standard. It enables users to create CDISC SDTM-compliant datasets ready for submission to regulatory authorities or for reporting purposes. Data managers can define mapping instructions for converting CDISC ODM data into CDISC SDTM or other partially de-normalized datasets.

Mapping instructions can contain instructions for selection, copying or complex data conversion. The TABULATOR can be used independently of the controlled CDISC terminology or to convert legacy data into the CDISC standard.

The TABULATOR is an essential tool to leverage the full power of the CDISC end-to-end approach. It allows the consistent use of a unique set of XML-based metadata from CRF Design to data submission.

Key advantages:

  • Define.xml-based mapping of EDC/CDM datasets and SDTM datasets
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Copy & paste of value-level metadata between CRF and SDTM datasets
  • Easy setup of SUPPQUAL domains
  • Creates define.xml including links to the annotated CRF
  • Independent of SAS
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