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trialXchange based on Alfresco


Where existing Document Management Systems are in place, a common practice is for companies to exchange documents between customers and partners by email. Many of these documents can and usually are highly confidential and therefore need to be treated with great care; typically these documents are transferred over non-secure email systems over the Internet.

ECLINSO trialXchange solution is based on Alfresco, an open source document management platform and trialXchange is implemented as a cloud customized solution that enables the secure and confidential exchange of documents.

ECLINSO trialXchange full services include:

  • Validation of the software (IQ, OQ)
  • Secure and validated infrastructure used by large Pharma
  • Backup, Data Replication and Disaster recovery (two data centers)
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Services such as user access management
  • Training

Your company can start using the solution out of the box at a monthly fee where you would normally need to invest in all these aspects and ensure it is maintained properly.

Key advantages:

  • Validated DMS for data exchange with partners and clients
  • Instead of email use the typical DMS features such as Versioning, Auditing, of documents that are exchanged with external partners.
  • Maintenance and support at an unparalleled price.
  • Experienced solution provider that only works for the Pharma Industry and understands the regulatory requirements
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